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I've got a request!

I came across this picture one day, and.. I fell in love with it. I'd really like to use it as my default icon if I could, but I'm horrible at making icons. Croping is easy enough, resizing isn't so bad sometimes, I just can't seem to add any nifty effects or text! I just don't have the right program.

So, here's my request;

Could someone, anyone.. I don't care if more then one of you do this for me, either way. I'll credit you and be so thankful! Just.. could you make this photo into an icon? I don't mind so much if it needs to be croped so long as the two stay the prime focus of this picture. If you could add some effect to it. Like, you see the little.. hrm.. sparkle things around the two lovers? Not the HUGE globe looking things surrounding them, but the little fluffs? that are in their hair and stuff. If you could make them sparkle or gleam, or move.. or something. Anything other then how still they are now, that would be great!

I don't care so much for text on this one right now, I'd just like to see if anyone can make this work for me.

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